Grandma’s Fridge 2014

This post is a magical land where holiday dreams comes true.

(Or are, at least, suggested softly.)

Grandma's Fridge

Grandma’s Fridge 2013

If you’re a Bauman directly or by relation, here’s the magical place to put your gifty desires for the 2013 gift exchange.

Grandma’s Fridge 2012 FTW!

It’s that time of year again. If you’re in the Bauman gift exchange, put your wishes and dreams* in the comments below.
(*Wishes and dreams should cost somewhere between $30-40, so don’t dream big. Dream medium.)


Gotta love it.

How the stimulus bill will help you

How the stimulus bill will help you, and how soon: What The Stimulus Bill Has For Everyday Americans

Joe Ades Died

I was sorry to hear that Joe Ades died. I had seen him just last week down at Union Square. He’ll be missed.

Anyone for a little jazz flute on the subway?

Jazz Flute on the subway

Projector and Music Modules from Bug Labs

On the long list of things I don’t have time for, but am thoroughly interested in, is the emerging homebrew open source hardware from Bug Labs and Arduino.

Bug Labs just announced new modules that have a projector, a music module with multiple audio inputs and outputs, as well as modules for Bluetooth, GSM and wifi. ┬áIf you know a little java and want a kick ass hobby, it’s definitely worth checking out.

Now I just need to forgo sleep, or find a friend who does mess with these things so I can live vicariously through them.

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NYC Fun Fact: More People Are Killed in the Crosswalk than Jaywalking

There’s a new book out about the sociology of driving called Traffic: Why We Drive the Way We Do (and What It Says About Us) that looks pretty interesting and includes the fun fact cited in the title of this post: more people are killed in crosswalks crossing legally than jaywalking. Looks like it’s worth a read.