About Obvious Diversion

Obvious Diversion is the online home of Christian Gloddy, an Internet Developer and Information Architect.

5 Things You Will See on Obvious Diversion

  1. Projects that I’m working on
  2. Code samples for Developers
  3. Ruminations on Infomation Design
  4. Resources for Artists and Designers
  5. Occasional photographs from New York City & Seattle

5 Things You Will NEVER See on Obvious Diversion

  1. ‘Clever’ post titles that tell you nothing about the post. It is better to strive to be both clever and useful. Momentary lapses in wit will result in titles that are simply useful.
  2. Massive lists of links you don’t have time to read. I will only place my friends and favorites in the sidebar. The last thing the Internet needs is another link to boingboing.
  3. Stories about my cats.
  4. Links that don’t describe where they’ll take you.
  5. Puns. Puns are lame and should only be used by the retirees who (correctly) believe Jack Paar was a better host than Johnny Carson.

All in all, I’m hoping to make this site a worthwhile addition to the Internet with things genuinely worth sharing.

About Blogging

If you feel you have something to contribute to the world, in whatever form, there is no less an expensive way to reach such a large audience than through an online site. I encourage you to start your own site if you find yourself in this position. The costs are anywhere from free to fairly cheap and there are some great companies that make having your own site an easy venture. Here are some options.

Blog Services for Non-Technical People

Blog Services that Require Installation

Rights and Permissions

The content of this site is protected under a Creative Commons License for Obvious Diversion that protects my rights while giving you the ability to use the content for your own purposes.

Technical Details

This website is authored in the web standards XHTML 1.0 Strict and CSS 2.0. The advantages to this approach are numerous, including:

  • having one site that is compatible with every past browser as well as future browsers that support web standards (like smart phones)
  • it is accessible to people who are blind
  • true separation between content and display
  • serious savings in both cost and time

The back-end of this site runs on PHP which is backed by a MySQL database running on Apache and the FreeBSD operating system. Content Management is handled by the fabulous WordPress.