Creative Commons License

Creative Commons License

Most of the content contained in this site is protected under a Creative Commons License, which is to say that I only reserve some rights and I want others to be able to use the content available on this site. Some content is under a different license where noted.

What you can do with the content on this site:

You can copy, distribute and display any of the pictures or writings on this site, as long as:

  • You give the original author credit. Just link to Obvious Diversion as the original author.
  • You can alter copies of the work as long as you share it under the same license.
  • You cannot use any of the work on this site for commercial purposes unless you get my permission first.

Commerical Use

If you are interested in using any of the material on this site for commercial use, simply ask. I realize there are many legitimate cases that this license may not make room for.