Netflix Removing Separate Profiles, Trying to Destroy Marriages

Back in 2005, Netflix introduced a feature they themselves called the “marriage saver“. Well, evidently, Netflix has declared war on marriage since they have decided to remove the ability to have separate queues for each member of the household. This screenshot illustrates it well.

On September 1st, they will delete all of your additional profiles. If you haven’t moved any movies from your family profiles into the main profile, which you are expected to do manually one movie at a time, then you loose those lists forever. Too bad for you. To make this “improvement” even more absurd, they actually suggest you “print them out”. Yeah, because we all joined Netflix so we could have printed paper lists.

There is no reason for them to remove this feature other than they suspect multiple people are sharing accounts just to save money. So, since they suspect they’re losing revenue, they are going to make the entire experience less convenient for everyone by removing this obvious and necessary feature.

This change will help us continue to improve the Netflix website for all our customers.

Just ridiculous. There are plenty of alternatives these days, so one can easily see a lot of canceled accounts over this. (Starting with mine.)