When Companies Find Design Religion:
The Belkin Flip

The Belkin Flip

There’s no shortage of companies in the computer industry that make ugly products. Belkin, which makes wifi routers and quite a bit more, was clearly in the plain to ugly category with most of it’s hardware in varying shades of grey and forms that couldn’t really be discerned from the competition.

But, with the release of the Flip, I’m sincerly hoping that this fantastic piece of design isn’t a fluke, but a new look for a company that could bring healthy design principles to an area of the industry that desperately needs it.

Yeah, But What Is It?

The Belkin Flip
Let’s say you have two computers, but only one keyboard, mouse and display. The Belkin Flip lets you hook up both machines to the same keyboard, mouse and display and switch between your machines simply by hitting a button.

It’s generally been referred to as a KVM (Keyboard, Video, Mouse) Switch and they’ve been around for ages, but they’ve always looked like ugly little boxes with a near meaningless display of LEDs staring out at you. It’s not a product that most people are aware of and with a common name like KVM, you can sort of see why it generally hasn’t expanded beyond the geek set.

But with a name like Flip and a design that’s not only appealing but makes a whole lot of sense, Belkin has taken a solution that’s been available for ages and put it in a design that makes sense to a whole new set of users.

More Products Like This Please

So, to the decision-making types at Belkin, whatever smart employee made this design happen, give them a promotion. Get this level of design and appeal across the rest of your product line and you’ll certainly see your efforts rewarded in sales.