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The Frigidaire Flair Forums have been moved to Google Groups. There you can buy and sell ovens and parts, get advice on your ovens and share you stories.


There are two manuals available.

Frigidaire Owner’s Manual for All Models

A scanned copy of the Frigidaire Owner’s Manual for All Models, published in 1961 is available for download. Download the Frigidaire Owner’s Manual for All Models

Frigidaire Service Tech-Talk Manual

A scanned copy of the Frigidaire Service Tech-Talk Manual, published in April of 1960 is available for download. Please note that repairs should be done by a professional as working with electrical equipment can be extremely dangerous. We are providing this manual solely as a reference you can provide to a professional you hire.
Download the Frigidaire Service Tech-Talk Manual
Note: the download is oftly large at 60 MB, so it’s best to have a fast connection.

Tips and Tricks

Make sure “Cookminder” knob is in the “Manual” position
If you find that some of your burners have stopped working or that your clock has stopped working, make sure the “Cookminder” knob is in the “Manual” position.

Where do i find my stove’s model number?
Pull the burner unit out and on the bottom of the back left burner cover plate should be a metal tag with the model number. It will likely start with “RCI”.

Check Your Fuses
Folks who have problems with their Flairs might want to check out the fuses: There is one below the right rear burner that controls the convenience outlet and there is one in the left rear corner of the area above the oven that controls the “speed heat” burner.

Wiring Diagram for Your Stove
Have a professional remove the top panel of your stove and on the back of the panel there should be a wiring and schematic diagram.

Places to Parts for Repairs

Burners and Thermostats are still available from Frigidaire!

Call 800-599-7569, opt 3, and ask for Jim at x7201
Image of parts available directly from Frigidaire (thanks Jon)

Third Party Parts Sources

Repair Clinic
Stove Clock Repair
Affordable Appliance Parts
1st Source Parts Center
Point and Click Appliance Repair

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A close-up of the label and dial
A look at the oven from the front
A look at the array of dials
A look at the oven from the side
The drawer pulled out with the burners
The two oven drawers pulled open
A closeup of the patten on the glass

Other Pictures