Is the Dyson Vacuum All It’s Cracked Up to Be?

Dyson Vacuum

The Dyson vacuum is attractive and certainly seems to have a lot of street cred with the geek crowd, but according to the January issue of Consumer Reports, it’s not the top of the heap. It’s not even close.

Consumer Reports tested thirty-two upright vacuums including the Dyson DC07 Animal. What place did the Dyson come in at? Thirteen, behind models from Hoover, Eureka, Kenmore, Kirby and Oreck; models generally cheaper than the DC07’s $620 US price tag.

They also tested fifteen canister models including the Dyson DC11 Full Gear. In this cateogry, the Dyson faired better coming in at third place, but it did so below two Kenmore models available at much lower prices.

“But I Love My Dyson”

The Dysons are good vacuums and if you own one I’m sure you’re happy with it. Both Dyson vacuums are rated “Very Good” by Consumer Reports, but according to their tests, there are better choices at lower prices. As for me, my place has hardwood floors, so I have a Swiffer.

Absent from their tests is the Dyson DC14. They have a note that it wasn’t delivered in time for their tests and will appear in a future issue.

Update: Received the February issue and they rated the DC14.