Firefox 1.5 New Features
(Geeky and Non-Geeky)

Firefox logo

Firefox 1.5 is ready to go, so make sure you head over and download it. In addition, it’s a good time to pimp it out to your friends and help them get away from the aging browser they’ve simply gotten used to. (Although it’s best to leave Safari users alone as they still have the only browser that passes the Acid2 test, putting these two browsers neck-in-neck as far as I’m concerned.)

There’s a lot of new stuff in Firefox 1.5, but the things that you will most likely notice are:

  • You can reorder your tabs by dragging them around
  • Much faster browsing
  • Lots of usability enhancements
  • Pop-up blocking is better

Stuff that geeks care about

  • Better CSS2 and CSS3 support
  • Improved DOM support
  • Javascript 1.6 implementation
  • SVG support!!!!!

Here’s the comprehensive list of fixes and improvements in Firefox 1.5.

I’m most excited about playing with the SVG support. To see what I mean, load up Firefox 1.5 and then play with this SVG lines example and these transparent triangles. There’s a full gallery of examples over at croczilla from simple lines to full illustrations.